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Volunteer Opportunities on Sundays

Link to Signup Genius to volunteer

Volunteering to Help Make Sunday Services Happen:  What is Yours to Do?  

At Unity of Ann Arbor, one of the most important areas of our operations in need of volunteer support right now is our Sunday services. You are invited to sign up to contribute your time and talent in one of the following ways:

1) Host/Greeter/Usher – arrive around 9:15am, adjust thermostats, turn on lights, conduct walk-through check, serve as “official greeter” for arrivals and as usher/offering collector.

2) Service Coordinator – work during the week leading up to the service to ensure the speaker(s), musician(s), and slide “prepper” have completed their tasks, then hand off to the Platform/Worship Assistant to implement during the service.

3) Platform/Worship Assistant – arrive by 9:45am, confirm the sound room is ready to go, assist the speaker(s) and musician(s), then lead the service welcome, candle lighting, introductions, announcements, etc.

4) Slide Deck Preparer – work with Service Coordinator to create weekly slideshow based on order of service, including anything special for music or for the individual speaker(s).

5) Sound Room Staffer – arrive around 9:15am, set up sound and computer facilities, including projectors and lighting (by following the written script provided).

Training, orientation, and support will be provided for each of these tasks. Experienced volunteers are happy to walk alongside you in any selected role until you are comfortable on your own.
You may sign up online here ( or by contacting a UA2 Board member ([email protected]).  Thank you!


Board of Trustees

UofA2 Board of Trustees

2022 Board of Trustees
Left to right:
John Scarbrough - President
Sue Stribley - Vice President
Petula Brown - Secretary
Linda Parsons - Treasurer
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Board of Trustees

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Rev. Marty NewmanRev. Marty Newman at Unity of Ann Arbor

Board of Trustees

UA2 Furnace Fundraising Update

Status Update

Donate Through “GoFundMe




Board of Trustees

Sanctuary Furnace Fundraiser – GoFundMe

Want to join us in making a difference?
We are raising money to replace the sanctuary furnace at Unity of Ann Arbor!  After 25 years, it has decided to “transition” (R.I.P.).
We are now back to in-person Sunday services and this furnace is required to heat the sanctuary and a large portion of the church. Without a replacement as the weather turns cold, it will be more and more difficult to continue with in-person services.
Please consider helping us to maintain the important spiritual “feeding” that these in-person services provide to all of us.  We thank you and bless you for your support!
Click here to donate:
We thank you and bless you for your support!

Board of Trustees

Leadership Training

Led by Rev. Greg Coles, Unity Regional Representative.
When: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Where: Unity of Ann Arbor
Time: 10am – 4pm
This training is for everyone! We are leaders, spiritual giants, way-showers, one blessed community. This training is for everyone!We are leaders, spiritual giants, way showers,one blessed community. Please RSVP by following the link below and fill in the form:
To support and be supported by our Church Family, to grow into leadership, to play big, to be all we can be; especially if you desire to serve, to become more awake to the divinity within.
Attendance Form
(Please bring a bag lunch; coffee, tea, water, and snacks provided.)