Unity of Ann Arbor

The website is functional – with ongoing reconstruction; 
thank you for your patience! 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Sunday morning services and most events will be held online, rather than on site, until further notice.

We continue to provide Sunday morning video services and daily meditations through our Facebook page. CLICK HERE anytime after 8:00 AM Sundays, and 9:00 AM Monday through Friday, to connect to these services!

Unity of Ann Arbor also offers fellowship and spiritual-growth activities via Zoom on a regular basis. CLICK HERE to view the activities listed on our Facebook page!

Please join us in Prayer surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak.
More information at unity.org

There is only one Presence and one Power
in the universe and in my life –
God the Good, Omnipotence. 

To advance God’s love everywhere.

To transform the world by honoring spirit within.

* Service * Diversity * Spiritual Growth *
* Community * Welcoming * Consciousness *

We continue only through your generous Gifts and Tithes

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Member:  Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, MO