About Unity

What is Unity?

Unity was founded in 1889 as the “School of Practical Christianity” by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Today, it is a thriving, vital educational movement. Non-sectarian in its approach to religion, and international in its outreach, Unity teachings and services are offered to all.

Unity has no dogma.  It embraces 5 basic principles, based on teachings of Truth found in religions all around the world.

Five Basic Unity Principles

More specifically, we can apply these principles in our daily lives, affirming the Truth that:

  1. There is only one Presence and one Power active in the universe and in my life, God the Good.
  2. Our essence is of God; therefore, we are inherently good. This God essence, called the Christ, was fully expressed in Jesus.
  3. We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind.
  4. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.  Denials and affirmations are tools we use.
  5. Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live the Truth we know.

More information is available on the Unity Worldwide Ministries website.

Teachings from Unity’s Co-Founders

“Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity and prove it. The truth that we teach is not new, neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles. Our purpose is to help and teach mankind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master.”
~ Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity

My Faith:
I do not believe in evil, I believe in God.
I do not believe in sin, I believe in Truth.
I do not believe in want, I believe in abundance.
I do not believe in ignorance, I believe in intelligence.
There are no discords in my being. Being is peace.
My faith, understanding, and love are one.
“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”
~ Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity (dated 1897)

Silent Unity

When Charles and Myrtle Fillmore began their work in 1889, publishing and prayer were primary interests. The “Society of Silent Help” has become a worldwide prayer ministry, now known as “Silent Unity.” Millions of prayer requests are received every year.

Over the years, innumerable prayers have been answered. Testimonials arrive abundantly in the daily mail. There is never a charge. No one ever asks if a caller is a member. Unity believes that we are all one, and that all have equal access to God.

Unity Church of Ann Arbor has its own active prayer ministry. We invite you to e-mail your request to Silent Unity and to our Prayer Ministry.